Providing simple, streamlined, and inexpensive direct cremation services, City Cremation is for folks who are comfortable with electronic and e-mail technology and are looking for the most simple type of disposition.    Our website contains everything you need to understand and complete direct cremation arrangements.  Click “arrange a cremation” above and follow the easy instructions. 

Services Included for $680 

  1. Pick up of remains from a San Francisco hospital or San Francisco Medical Examiner
  2. Refrigerated storage of remains while the permit for cremation is obtained
  3. Completion of necessary paperwork (obtaining the doctor or coroner's signature on the death certificate)   
  4. Filing the death certificate with the appropriate county and obtaining the permit for cremation
  5. The cremation container
  6. The cremation
  7. The plastic transportation container the ashes are placed into for shipping from our Emeryville crematory
  8. If remains are in excess of 250 lbs., there in an additional $75 fee, over 300lbs, $175, remains over 350lbs are not accepted by City Cremation
  9. Filing fees, Medical Examiner fees and taxes are not included

Once City Cremation receives your completed forms, we will contact you via email to confirm receipt (normal response time is within two hours during normal business hours). City Cremation will also contact the hospital or Medical Examiner’s Office to facilitate the release and transport of the remains to our facility as well as to begin the process of filing the death certificate and obtaining a permit for cremation. After receiving authorization from the facility where the remains are currently being held, City Cremation will pick up and transport the remains to our crematory in Emeryville.

City Cremation will contact you when the ashes are available to be picked up from either our San Francisco office or our crematory in Emeryville. The ashes are generally available to be picked up three to seven business days from the time we initially receive your paperwork. If you cannot arrange to retrieve the ashes at either of our locations, we can send them to you via US Priority Mail Express. There is an additional fee of $150 to have the ashes mailed.

There are no other required costs from City Cremation.  We accept MC or VISA