Arrange a Cremation

To arrange a cremation simply download the forms package and the San Francisco Medical Examiner's Release Form below and complete them (Note: two of the forms, Authorization for Cremation and Disposition and Vital Information, are two pages long.) 

San Fracisco Medical Examiner's Release Form (PDF)

Regarding the Vital Information form:  You will be asked a series of questions required by the State of California for the purpose of completing a death certificate.  There may be information you do not know.  Use the word “unknown” in those particular fields.  Please note-the word “unknown” will appear on the death certificate where you have indicated.  No field can be left blank.  You will NOT be contacted for clarifications of this information- the word “unknown” will be used in all fields left blank by you.

Regarding the form entitled “Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains”:  Please be sure to sign it twice, once for “person with legal right to control disposition” and once for “person contracting for cremation services”.

Fax completed forms and any other required documentation (i.e. written permission from next of kin, Advance Healthcare Directive) to City Cremation as directed on the fax cover form.  After receiving the forms in good order, City Cremation handles the rest.  The ashes will be available for pick up or mailing within 10 working days.  We have constant and full control of the remains from the moment we claim them to the time the ashes are picked up by you.  If you have questions or technical difficulties, you may e-mail us at