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How is this low price for direct cremation possible?

Several factors make our low price possible. Our parent company owns the crematory. Over 30 years of combined experience allows us to work as efficiently as possible. We are effectively using the internet and advances in telecommunications to save on labor costs.

Where are you located and can I visit your facilities?

Our licensed facility is located at 3101 17th Street SF, CA. We are unable to accommodate visitors at this location in an effort to keep our price low for you. Our crematory is located at 1094 Yerba Buena Ave. Emeryville, CA. All of the required paperwork will be accomplished via fax or internet. You may e-mail us with questions at We will respond to e-mail questions within two hours during business days, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

How will I know my paperwork has been received by City Cremation?

You will receive email confirmation within 2 hrs during business days (Mon thru Fri 9AM-5PM), or the beginning of the next business day. You may also call us to confirm.

Are Medical Examiner/Coroner Removal fees included in your price of $780?

No, the Medical Examiner / Coroner’s fee are a government inposed fee and are in addition to our cost. We can use the credit card you provide to pay the Medical Examiner /Coroner Office for their fees if you would like or you can pay them directly. You can call the Medical Examiner or Coroner’s Office to inquire about their fee.

San Francisco Medical Examiner (415) 553-1694
San Mateo County Coroner (650) 312-5562
Alameda County Coroner (510) 382-3000
Contra Costa County Corner (925) 313-2850
Marin County Coroner (415) 473-6043

Do you remove remains from a private residence or convalescent hospital?

Yes, there is an additional fee of $150.00 for immediate removal.

Once remains are removed from the hospital or Medical Examiner where do they go?

Our licensed storage facility is at the same location as our crematory: 1094 Yerba Buena Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608, Crematory License 58. The remains are held under refrigeration, in their individual containers, and remain always under our care. We do not subcontract the cremation ensuring minimal transportation and full control and attention to your loved one.

Can I see the remains of my loved one before they are cremated?

This service is not available through City Cremation but is available through our parent company Pacific Interment Service. You may go to their website or call 1-800-442-1810 for pricing.

How am I sure the ashes I get are the ashes of my loved one?

City Cremation uses tags, labeled cremation containers, sequentially numbered metal disks, journals,and heat monitoring charts on the cremation machines in conjunctions with one another to ensure proper identification of remains. It is California State law that all cremations are done individually. We strickly adhear to all State laws and regulations.

How many certified death certificates do I need?

You may need certified copies of death certificate for any asset that may be transferring from the deceased to someone else as the holding institution needs a certified death certificate to establish death has occurred. Life insurance, real estate, stock, bond, bank accounts, motor vehicles are all examples of assets that may need to change title because of someone’s death. We will place your initial order for death certificates at the time arrangements are made.